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Local Elections: Murder at the Polls For Rishi Sunak

BLACKPOOL - England - PM Rishi Sunak has suffered a massive poll disaster at the polls in local elections for the Tories.

Rishi Sunak thanked his grim, imbecilic Chancellor Jeremy Hunt for being the primary reason millions of people voted out the Conservatives yesterday at England’s local elections.  The Tories are now set to lose over 500 seats as the counting continues today and final results come in.

“When people are forced to pay £6.90 ($8.66) for a tiny block of cheddar cheese, and you are taxed to a point where working for a living is useless, this is what happens at the polls,” a former Conservative voter revealed after leaving his local polling station in Blackpool.

Blackpool’s gone to Labour with a massive 26% swing, and so have many other formerly staunch seats. In fact, this is the worst Tory performance at local elections since 1966. It’s not a disaster — it’s a fucking catastrophe.

Labour even won Rushmoor in Hampshire from the Conservatives, which was staunchly Tory for 50 years since its creation.

The sad part for the Tories is that it is now too late to dump Sunak and his team of failures before the delayed General Election in November.

The augurs do not bode well, and Labour is now guaranteed a major win when the General Election is finally announced.

Britain is a socialist country, and even a socialist Tory Party cannot hack it at the polls.


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