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Indoctrinated Anti-Democratic EU NPCs March In London

LONDON - England - Brexit march - LIVE: 'Over 700,000 EU NPCs' and programmers join sixth largest protest in UK this week.

New Sovietized Internet Where No One Can Speak Freely

LONDON - England - There is a new climate of fear in the internet as monopoly tech companies purge and censor massive swathes of websites utilising Soviet censorship techniques.

West Entering New Puritanical Age

LOS ANGELES - USA - One thing we have learned about puritanical Millenials schooled by mainly Marxist tutors over the years, is that we are now entering an age of puritanism.

He Who Controls the Young and Gullible Voters is King

GRIMSBY - England - Like lambs to the slaughter, they followed their shepherd without question as he doled out those sweet saccharin lies, false promises and delicious bribes.

Confused Indoctrinated UK Youth Brainwashed in EU Soviet Ideology May Need...

LONDON - England - The pro-EU indoctrination is so ingrained in the youth of Britain that it will take generations to counteract.

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