This Was Never a Pandemic but a Challenge of Mass Consumerism

BENIDORM - Spain - Forget about the global viral pandemic, the so-called lockdown's challenged programmed mass consumerism.


Mass consumerism is instilled in people from infancy, and the programming of humans to consume needlessly continues right up to death. There is little or no escape from the constant assault on each person to consume, consume, consume without thought or reason.

This is why we are seeing headlines right now about holidays on a constant basis, and the need to spend money on expensive stays in tourist hellholes in some pandemic hotspot. Forget about anything else, it is thoroughly important that you book a family get-away costing thousands where you may not only contract severe food poisoning but another Covid mutation that no one has encountered yet.

Within the mass consumerist West, this was never a pandemic, it was a challenge to the initial mass consumerist programming. We have seen extreme examples of consumerists who, in their extreme programmed state to consume needlessly, being denied by lockdown restrictions into doing what they were programmed to do from birth.

The education system is one that does not educate you as a human to increase your knowledge in any given subject, but to be a good tax slave and a good consumer.

You have to buy that thing, you have to buy a new car every 6 months, you have to have the most expensive holidays whatever your income, and if you cannot afford it now, do not worry the credit cards will accept your applications without vetting you. Even 12-year-olds from sink estates are given multiple credit cards to spend as they wish, such is the power of the programming to consume at all costs.

All TV shows and films are essentially adverts on consumerist dreams — how you could live a life just like this, as are the vapid Instagram influencers pushing their wares on anyone that views their pages.

There was no fucking lockdown. People were still frolicking on the beaches, partying in the park with friends, and the London Underground was full to the brim with non mask wearing commuters. International air travel was still open, and the ports were all open. Red listing one particular country was useless because travellers can use any airport from any country to bypass any country they want or to make it look like they came from another destination. How does one explain the multiples of Instagram influencers posting from sunny Dubai during the so-called lockdown, advertising their sponsored products?

This is why you have to book a holiday somewhere right now, simply because you cannot control yourself or your consumerist programming. You must do it despite the globe still being entrenched in a pandemic, and if there were crazed zombies out there looking for brains to munch on, you would still book that holiday abroad without even an ounce of hesitation.