Welcome to Hell On Earth

BOURNEMOUTH - England - If there is a hell on earth - this is it. Packed like thousands of sardines in the sand, the COVID-19 virus is having a field day as the human offerings eagerly serve themselves up.

Bournemouth, July 2020

Contrary to myth, a hell does exist, a certified hell on earth is as sure as a divine slap in the chops by almighty Satan and his minions, all running around today right now on the beaches of the South of England, supping deliriously on the souls of thousands of willing lemmings.

This hell on earth exists and is very real, amongst the searing heat and foul stench of armpits and crotches, the sweat dripping over everything and everyone. Add into the mix, the equally satanic ingredient of a deadly virus that will no doubt eventually murder in cold blood multiples of these willing victims, who will descend into the bowels of the etheric hell once they pop their mortal coil. There seems to be a delicious air of danger present amongst the odour of deep fried food and sweat glands excreting the virus all over the place.

Every space in this hell is occupied, and the sight of the sacrificial offerings to Beelzebub are a delight to his vertically slit reptilian eyes. Souls offered to him with such ease are a rarity, and Satan sups on this mass of foul eager cattle with gusto.

Hell is definitely this place on earth, and no sane mortal would ever dare to venture into such a crowded sweating diseased fuck hole as this without some form of insanity, and there’s definitely plenty of that going around these days. Mass insanity of the sheeple masses is a dirty thing to watch from afar, because it implies that these lemmings have absolutely no control over themselves, they are animals, unable to control the most basic of instincts, and for this they ultimately will pay a huge price.

Lucifer licks his raspy tongue over his parched red lips as he tastes the future deaths of many of these automatons, knowing full well that within a few weeks many of them will be in hospital beds gasping for breath, and he’ll be waiting eagerly with his pitch fork to push them through that little doorway into his realm, sizzling pork cutlets in his dastardly satanic stir-fry.

It’s all too easy these days…