Dear Refugees: Do Not Bother Travelling to the UK Any More There is Nothing Left Here

DOVER - England - To the refugees crossing the English Channel. Do not bother coming to the UK. You have been told lies about this place.

Refugees and Migrants aboard reach shore

The streets are not paved with gold for refugees, there are no jobs even for Westerners, freedom of speech is dead, and if you come here you will soon wish you never made the perilous journey from your home.

Do Not Come to the UK

Do not believe the stories you may hear about everything given to you for free, because those days are all gone. The NHS is sadly a ghost of what it once was. It is now so overcrowded, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic that waiting lists for minor operations are now backdated by five years, if you’re lucky. The Benefits system is so oversubscribed that it is near collapse.

You will not get a job here in the UK, in fact many people born and bred here cannot get a job right now, especially after half of industry has been shut down because of the coronavirus.

If you are coming to the UK because you think you will be given housing and loads of money to spend, you have been misled, dear refugee friend, the reality is very much one of extreme poverty and a voucher for £16. There is little or no housing stock even for British people, and you and your family will be put in cells in a locked refugee centre for years until you are eventually processed for deportation.

The UK is not the land of milk and honey that the traffickers tell you, for refugees it is a cold dark pit where your will to live will be beaten out of you daily.

The winters in the UK are cold, dark, wet and miserable, and if you are in a large city there are no friendly faces, no one talks to each other, if you say ‘hello’ to a stranger they may even call the police on you. There will be no warmth, no money and little food, so you may try begging in the streets. Eventually the police will get you, and if they continue catching you, they will put you in prison.

Things have also changed regarding the famous Western ‘freedom’ and ‘justice’ you may have heard of from others. It is mostly gone now, and there is a form of global communism being pushed by very rich globalist overlords, who are aligning the West with China. These globalists are however encouraging refugees to make dangerous journeys to the West because they are using you as pawns to destabilise Western democracy. Therefore, do not bother coming here if you want any form of justice or freedom, that all disappeared years ago.

The COVID-19 pandemic has wrecked Western economies, therefore many businesses are going out of business, and there is little money to go around. Forget about getting a job and beware of the Eastern Europeans promising you gainful employment as well, you may just find yourself blowing thirty sailors a day whilst imprisoned in a tiny room behind a locked door guarded by an armed thug.

Do not come to the UK dear refugees, please stay where you are, it is not worth the dangerous journey. You will regret it for the rest of your life. What you see and read on the internet is a mirage, a big lie. It is better to live your life content in your own country.