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Germans Closing Some Schools After Teacher Catches Coronavirus

LUDWIGSLUST - Germany - Schools have been shut down in some German cities after teachers and pupils were found to carry the COVID-19 pathogen.

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This coronavirus is an unrelenting monster that moves forward consuming its prey without morals or mercy, and as schools opened in some districts in Germany, they are closing just as quickly. The coronavirus is infecting teachers, and students alike, within the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

The efficient nature of German systems means that officials act decisively and quickly to eliminate further risks.

In the UK there has been a major up tick recorded of COVID-19 cases today to 1,062 since June 25.

Despite the increase in cases relating to a second wave, the deluded government is still adamant that schools should re-open in September because of economic panic. In America, the situation is worse.

Bettina Martin, the regional education minister for Mecklenburg-West Pomerania told the Telegraph: “We said that from the start there would be suspected cases in schools.

“As long as the coronavirus has not been eliminated and there is no vaccine, we have to deal with it.

The protection of pupils and staff comes first.”

The efficiency of the Germans in handling the deadly coronavirus pandemic however has not been seen with the dilly-dallying of the British government and officials.

As much as we agree with Boris on most things, his stance with schools, is frankly panicked and rushed.

Yes, we must all function as before the Chinese Virus struck, but with precautionary measures in place, and a valid distance learning solution, there does not have to be an adverse affect to children’s education or mental psychology. Until a viable solution is found to counteract COVID-19, the risks of mass death will stand in all areas of society.

Carefree youths fuel global rise in virus infections

Unfortunately, we suspect Boris is being pushed and advised by officials and ‘experts’ who are panicking purely due to economic data. These officials are rushing the opening of schools despite there being no solution in sight, and the coronavirus could be with us for the next thirty to forty years. Do not panic, Boris, the game has simply changed, and with careful planning you could use this to your advantage, and change a failing educational system into something way more efficient and useful.

There are multiple alternative solutions to this problem, and simply throwing the cannon fodder (children and teachers) at the enemy thinking everything will be all right is not one of them.

The people who are all denying anything is happening right now, and not preparing for future waves will be the first to die. All the people who are having parties and dancing on the beaches will not survive what is coming. These deniers will all die, one way or another. There is no point in trying to reason with these people, much like dealing with flat-earthers, it is better to let them get infected and die.

You can survive though, although it is getting late in the day right now, you still have a chance of keeping your family safe if you prepare for what is to come.

If everything was all right, would the Queen still be in a state of extreme lockdown? Her Majesty does not plan on poking her head out of her palatial shell any time soon. The royals know very well what is going on.

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