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Shortages: Start Stocking Up On Food Now

LONDON - England - The Covid-19 pandemic has not gone away. This is why you should start stocking up on food for winter and a second wave now.

The next coming months are going to be extremely crucial, so whilst there is a semblance of calm, now is the time to start stocking up on food items essential for survival.

You should bypass the supermarkets mainly and go to wholesalers to buy bulk goods like rice, pasta, and tinned food. You will also have to stock up on the usual things like toilet paper, and water/purification.

Second Wave or Continuation of First Wave?

America and many other countries are currently seeing a massive resurgence in the virus because they came out of lockdown too soon. In the US, over 146,000 Covid-19 deaths in total, and over 1,000 deaths per day.


Once Autumn comes and the temperatures drop, there will most probably be a resurgence in COVID-19 infections and deaths will once again increase. Because of the end of lockdown and the mass of people congregating everywhere, it is going to take a few weeks for the virus to re-emerge again, and this time it will get worse because of other flu strains.

Schools in the UK will be forced to open in September, and the sheer mass of movement of people, with no mask wearing allowed in schools will contribute to a huge spread in the virus.

Food shortages are already a problem, as supply routes have been cut off for months, and there is the additional problem of certain nations not exporting as much as they used to because they themselves are stockpiling.

Farmers have also had whole crops fail, or left to rot in the fields as the regular pickers have all stayed at home.

Some regions of the world have also had plagues of locusts destroying whole batches of crops, therefore these crucial supplies have been halted as well.

Already in America, there is now a shortage of beef, and other foods.

Due to the laws of supply and demand, food prices could increase to impossible levels if the shortages continue, and the pandemic will continue for many years, making even the most basic of items unaffordable for the normal person. It’s not only food though, there is a shortage in crude oil as well, mainly due to the Covid-19 virus, offshore exploration and drilling has been halted for some months.

It’s obvious that with the increase in the oil price, and added variable of food shortages, many regular household food items will become very expensive. There will be a shortage of truck drivers due to many variables, which will impact fuel deliveries, and cause food shortages, possibly leading to rationing.

Invest in a bread making machine, sow seeds and grow your own food, stock up on long-life items in bulk, and you should be okay when the shit hits the fan once again. Learn about solar power, install solar panels to generate your own electricity.


This is a warning, whilst everyone is on their summer holidays having fun, you should be building up your stockpile of food. It is also prudent, especially in Britain where people are banned from owning firearms to defend themselves, and are even prosecuted for defending their own family, that you have some means to defend yourself and loved ones once the nastiness kicks off.

When the benefits system stops, and the police are tied up, and the ambulance services are busy, people will not be able to get an answer on the phone any more. There will be no food banks, and the hordes of starving will start looting. Banks will be silent, and government departments will be involved in emergency countermeasures trying to deal with the multiple chaotic problems.

In the UK, you can get crossbows which are good, or maybe a Katana or machete. It is very hard to get a rifle or shotgun licence, so stick to the trusty crossbows or regular bows to get you out of sticky situations in the future. Always keep a bug out bag if everything gets really awful. Choose a safe secluded place to escape to if you have been overrun.

Start learning about bushcraft survival skills, as well as basic medical skills, if you do not already have these skills.

There is absolutely no point in stockpiling food if some thug can simply waltz into your house and take what they want. This is why defence is a crucial essential point to also concentrate on in the coming months.

If you read this article in a few months and did not heed our warning now and the shit has hit the fan again, then it will be too late. We have already seen the levels of hysteria that occurred in the supermarkets when the coronavirus was all over the media. Supermarkets were being emptied in minutes. While the public is calm now, is the prudent time to stockpile and prepare for shortages, because you do not want to be one of the sheeple fighting over a morsel of food or toilet paper in a few months.

Hopefully nothing will happen, and we all live happily ever after, at least you will still have some vitals to get by with — just in case.

The Covid Coronavirus is NOT a hoax as some idiots are spreading over the internet, do not listen to these people, they are deluded irresponsible morons who will send themselves and others to the grave. Be very wary of any form of information that you read on the internet, always cross-checking sources.

You can rest assured that a lot of information is being held from the public and media so as not to cause panic. Stay under the radar, do not tell anyone, even your neighbours, or friends you are stockpiling.

Stay safe, and good luck.


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