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Friday, May 29, 2020
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Xi Jinping Congratulates Chinese Virus on Job Well Done

BEIJING - China - President Xi Jinping has addressed the CCP to congratulate them for the COVID-19 Chinese Virus working on the rest of the world.

Lockdown End: Swarms Back on the Streets

LONDON - England - The swarms of people are back on the streets, and the traffic jams are back pumping poison back into the atmosphere. Coronavirus for many has now ended.

We’re Off to Coronavirus Beach

DEVON - England - People are coming from far and wide to crowd Coronavirus Beach on this spectacular sunny day.

People Must Start Preparing For Second Wave Coronavirus NOW

LONDON - England - As people celebrate the end of the lockdown, and go to the beaches, no one is preparing for the second wave of the coronavirus.

November Will be a Very Important Month For Globalist Overlords

BEIJING - China - After November, if all goes as planned for the globalists, coronavirus will suddenly and magically disappear.

Remembering the Days Before the Chinese Virus

LONDON - England - The Chinese Virus, COVID-19, may one day cause humanity to change its ways, and not continue down the same path of destructive behaviour.

Nanny State: People Need to Be Told How to Do Everything...

LONDON - England - During this coronavirus pandemic, the people are acting like rudderless mollycoddled children who need to ask permission to do anything with the nanny state daily question time.

Coronavirus Pandemic: Many Businesses Speed Up AI Automation

LONDON - England - The coronavirus pandemic has seen a speeding up of automation in business models, utilising robotics and AI.

Chinese Virus Did Not Come From China Says Furious Chinese Leader

WUHAN - China - Chinese president, Xi Jinping has furiously denied the Chinese Virus came from China.

Post-Lockdown World Has Not Changed One Bit

LONDON - England - The coronavirus lockdown has changed absolutely nothing about any human societal system, despite grandiose claims from the media.

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