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Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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New Covid Strain: “Whole Wards of Children in Hospital”

LONDON - England - Whole wards of some hospitals are now full of children suffering from the new Covid-19 strain, which affects young people as much as adults.

Imagine the Fear of a Child or Teacher Forced to Go...

LONDON - England - Children and teachers will be forced to go back to school after the Christmas holidays amid a second wave pandemic that is completely out of control in the UK.

New Covid Strain With 17 Mutations Could Have Originated in Denmark...

KENT - England - A new prominent Covid-19 strain has as many as 17 new mutations, and could have originated in Denmark mink farms.

Does New COVID Virus Strain Make Current Vaccine Useless?

KENT - England - A new COVID virus strain has been announced in South-East England. Could the new vaccine be useless now?

Bored in Permanent Lockdown? Play COVIDOPOLY for Hours of Family Fun...

BRISTOL - England - COVIDOPOLY is an innovative take on the famous property-based game, and is released by Home Leisure Direct for free.

Second Pandemic: Mystery Indian Eluru Flu Hospitalizes 400

ELURU - India - A mystery Eluru Flu virus that is baffling doctors has appeared hospitalizing 400 people in the region.

Global Governments Need to Stop Thinking of Covid-19 ‘Waves’

LONDON - England - The Pandemic Research Centre reveals a brief analysis of the current Covid-19 virus global pandemic.

Think Tank: Military Lockdown Could Eradicate Virus in Month

LONDON - England - The Population Think Tank claims that the Covid-19 virus could be eradicated with a proper lockdown from Britain in a single month.

Xi Jinping Congratulates Trump on Contracting Chinese Virus

BEIJING - China - President Xi Jinping has congratulated Donald Trump on contracting the deadly Chinese Virus.

WW3: Is China Preparing for War Rapid Stockpiling Raw Materials?

BEIJING - China - China could well be preparing for war as it is stockpiling materials and commodities at a rapid rate in secrecy.

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