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Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Japanese Hold Coronavirus Festival

OKAYAMA - Japan - The festival where thousands of naked men are all squashed together has been hailed as a great coronavirus success by the officiating priests.

Actual China Covid-19 Death Toll Over 100,000 As More Mobile Incinerators...

WUHAN - China - Because of the number of deaths from coronavirus Covid-19, the Communist Party is deploying a fleet of mobile incinerators to the area.

Societal Collapse More of Threat Than Coronavirus

LONDON - England - All it would take is for supermarkets to close for a three to four days before societal collapse would occur in the UK.

Workers in China Discover Thousands of Sealed #Coronavirus Corpses in Body...

GUANGDONG PROVINCE - China - Workers have discovered thousands of corpses in body bags in an underground complex.

Fiction Prophesy: 1981 Book Describes Viral Outbreak Called Wuhan-400

LONDON - England - A 1981 book that described a viral outbreak from Wuhan, China has strange similarities to today's viral outbreak.

Coronavirus Misses Africa and South America For Now

BISSAU - Republic of Guinea-Bissau - South America and Africa have so far been bypassed by the coronavirus COVID19.

Coronavirus Pandemic: Chinese State Rounding Up Political Opponents and Undesirable Citizens

WUHAN - China - The Chinese state police are rounding up any undesirables in the guise of quarantining for the coronavirus outbreak.

Chinese Water Supply Contains Faecal Matter Aiding Spread of Coronavirus

WUHAN - China - As the Coronavirus spreads rapidly, no one is mentioning the faecal matter in Chinese drinking water supplies, especially when the Coronavirus has been found in human faecal samples.

What Use is Your Money When It is Infected?

BEIJING - China - During a pandemic, one thing people find out pretty quickly is that cash can be infected thus nullifying its worth.

Coronavirus Hysteria: Xenophobia Against Chinese People is Wrong

LONDON - England - The mass xenophobia being shown worldwide towards Chinese people simply because of an outbreak of deadly coronavirus is absurd.

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