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Xi Jinping Congratulates Trump on Contracting Chinese Virus

BEIJING - China - President Xi Jinping has congratulated Donald Trump on contracting the deadly Chinese Virus.

WW3: Is China Preparing for War Rapid Stockpiling Raw Materials?

BEIJING - China - China could well be preparing for war as it is stockpiling materials and commodities at a rapid rate in secrecy.

Six People in a Pub at a Time

LONDON - England - According to some brainbox in government, only six people are allowed into any pub or restaurant. How's that going to work?

Insanity of Schools Opening: Kids Will Spread Covid-19 Far and Wide

LONDON - England - As Covid-19 cases make another massive leap, in a moment of collective insanity, schools are opening tomorrow amidst the carnage.


LONDON - England - Living with the Covid-19 viral threat is a challenge for businesses and architectural firms building safe post pandemic offices.

Say Goodbye to Granny – Children Can Carry Coronavirus in their...

LONDON - England - Say bye bye to granny when schools reopen. Children can carry and spread coronavirus for weeks on end without any symptoms.

Children to be Sent Over the Top of Trenches Because of...

LONDON - England - Children are being sacrificed by governmental experts and selfish parents ordered into virus infected classrooms.

There Will Come a Time Soon When Governments Will Not Be...

LONDON - England - There is only so much any government can do for its population, and soon there will come a point when it cannot help any more.

Children Will Die From Covid-19 When Schools Open – Doctor Cites...

NASHVILLE - USA - Dr. James Hildreth does not believe it is safe to open schools for children citing a recent University of Florida proving how easily the COVID-19 virus spreads.

Fun Times in Wuhan Water Park This Summer

WUHAN - China - The city from where COVID-19 was created and distributed across the globe, is now a place of joy with a water park.

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