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Third Wave Infections Now Increasing Exponentially Across UK

LONDON - England - The Delta variant is increasing exponentially across the UK, as the Third Wave slowly accelerates in infections.

Scientists: China Guilty of Mass Genocide With Engineered Covid Virus

WUHAN - China - Scientists across the globe conclude that the Chinese regime engineered the Covid-19 virus, weaponising it to inflict maximum damage.

Why I Had to Holiday Abroad During a Global Pandemic

SPAIN - Taking a holiday during a global pandemic where many variants of viruses are spreading is essential for many.

THIRD WAVE: Sunshine and Alcohol Fuelled Delight For the New Covid...

England - As everything opens up again after lockdown, the Third Wave of the virus is already gaining traction.

Government Approved Zones For People Who Do Not Care About Viral...

UP NORTH - England - People who want to deny Covid exists, or who do not want to take precautions against Covid infection should live in Covid Freedom Zones.

Virus Outbreaks Explained: Build Up of Covid Potency and Population Spread

LONDON - England - Outbreaks of coronavirus do not just suddenly happen. There is usually a gentle build-up of the virus first before the severely infected start appearing in hospitals.

Doctors Dying in India Covid Massacre Serious Consequences

NEW DELHI - India - Doctors on the frontline of the covid pandemic are also suffering casualties to the sheer ferocity of the coronavirus outbreak.

Similarities Between India’s Covid Apocalypse and Initial Wuhan Virus Breakout

NEW DELHI - India - There are similarities to the new Indian Covid-19 breakout and the initial Wuhan breakout that spread across the globe.

Chinese Military Scientists and Why China is Free From Covid During...

WUHAN - China - Chinese military scientists, Professor Shi Zhengli and biowarfare officer in the PLA, Cao Wuchun, were responsible for the Covid global pandemic, sources reveal.

COVID: Humans Never Learn

NEW DELHI - India - Despite the current rabid global spread of Covid, humans are in denial and expect life to return to normal.

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