Government Approved Zones For People Who Do Not Care About Viral Infection?

UP NORTH - England - People who want to deny Covid exists, or who do not want to take precautions against Covid infection should live in Covid Freedom Zones.

covid freedom zone

Throughout the global pandemic, there have been Covid deniers (go to India to see your denial), there have been many citing loss of freedom because of lockdowns, and there have been many concerned primarily from the economic point of view.

As we live in a democracy, why not put all these people into a zone where they do not have to adhere to any Covid rules? As a socially orientated scientific experiment, it would be great to see how these people fare under their conditions of Covid freedom.

How would the Covid Freedom zones look?

  • Exit from the zone would have to include at least three months’ medically observed quarantine in a policed facility with no escape within the three-month period.
  • Entry would not need any checks, and those with Covid would be greeted wholeheartedly as they are allowed to spread the virus freely within the zone.
  • All shops/pubs/clubs/restaurants/entertainment would be open at all times.
  • No masks or any other precautions will be necessary within the zone.
  • Medical staff in limited facility hospital buildings would be manned by Covid deniers and sceptics, and they would not be required to wear protective equipment.
  • There would be limited policing within the zone, once again manned by police who do not mind being infected or dying from the Covid virus.
  • Each zone would have its own businesses, and economy, although taxation would still be collected by the overseeing outer government.
  • Each zone would be surrounded by 100 ft high walls, electrified fences, and surveillance to ensure none of the infected population leave without quarantine.
  • When deaths from Covid exceed a certain amount daily, incinerators would be dropped into the zone so that the dead can be disposed of efficiently.

Enjoy your freedom to live and die as you please.