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Similarities Between India’s Covid Apocalypse and Initial Wuhan Virus Breakout

NEW DELHI - India - There are similarities to the new Indian Covid-19 breakout and the initial Wuhan breakout that spread across the globe.

There is a certainty and violence to the second wave Indian Covid-19 mess that resonates, and resembles the initial Wuhan Chinese virus breakout that eventually spread across the globe like wildfire.

1 Million Indians Dead From Covid (Officially only 200,000)

As in the Wuhan viral breakout in January 2020, the Indian viral breakout has effectively reduced the Indian healthcare service to a barren nightmarish scenario of redundancy. No oxygen, no drugs for treatment and no beds for patients. Both nations have large populations, therefore one could ascertain that the immensity of population numbers in both countries contributes to the lack of healthcare. The Indians however have been particularly caught off guard by the second wave, and were ill prepared for another flare up. When everyone wants treatment, there is probably no healthcare system on the earth that can cope with the volume, and India’s 1.4 billion people are analogous to this statistic.

The worrying factor in the Indian outbreak is that the viral strain is a double mutation, with a dastardly ability to circumnavigate the body’s natural immune system, and it does not matter if anyone is vaccinated with one of the latest vaccines, the virus is just as deadly and has an improved method of spreading through populations.

As in the Wuhan virus, the Indian authorities are misreporting the amount of deaths, therefore the death toll could be as much as 10-20% more than the authorities are recording. Modi’s government are impotent and can only watch from the peripheries as the virus strikes down Indians by the hundred thousand, their bodies piling up outside hospitals with no room or resources.

Rich Indians and celebrities have already fled India in private jets to destinations like Dubai, the Maldives and Europe, however the Indian mutation of the virus has been spreading across the globe during the months of January, February, March, before the second wave hit India with full force, so it is safe to say that the Indian mutation is now a global entity, much like the Wuhan virus was before. It is this lack of reporting of virus mutations and spreads that endangers the global population as a whole. Because of the number of infections in India, this is a perfect conduit for a third and fourth mutation, even deadlier than the previous incarnations.

The way that Indians live is also an element to their viral demise, they have entire generations of families living together in single households or rooms, they do not have adequate hygiene especially in rural villages, and for them social distancing is an execration.

It is only a matter of time until the Indian mutation reaches every neighbourhood, every town, and every city on the globe, so now is the time to be prepared. If the hardy Indians cannot cope with this strain, how the hell are the rest of us going to cope?


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