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Thursday, April 15, 2021
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No Curry For Greta Thunberg

NEW DELHI - India - Eco activist, Greta Thunberg has caused a bit of a storm amongst patriotic Indians, and is now out of curry.

Has Coronavirus Pandemic Saved More Lives than it Has Claimed in...

MUMBAI - India - The coronavirus pandemic may have preserved lives in the country due to the lockdown.

INDIA: Mankind Pharma Pays an Ode to Medical Staff

NEW DELHI - India - Mankind Pharma has released a film which salutes the spirit of doctors and other medical staff during the global coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

Why Doesn’t Greta Thunberg Go and Speak to the Chinese About...

BRISTOL - England - Whilst preaching to the converted, Greta Thunberg is not achieving anything in fighting global pollution or climate change, she needs to go to China and India.

Why Climate Activists Do Not Address China, India, USA Pollution

LONDON - England - The UK is not even on the map for global pollution, yet Extinction climate activists are ignoring China, India and the USA.

Cammo Gets Begging Bowl Out For the Indians

AMRITSAR - India - "We're broke, and once more we need to plunder your resources," the PM said at a recent grovelling trip to a Indian temple.

Indian Bus Driver Just Wants to Drive You Around Delhi

NEW DELHI - India - An Indian bus driver has come under fire because all he wants to do is drive people around the Indian capital city in his rickety old bus.

Daily Squib Offer: Win an Indian Bus Tour of New Delhi

NEW DELHI - India - The Daily Squib is offering five lucky female readers a bad taste once in a life time trip on a bus touring India's wonderful rape capital city.

India to Give Britain Financial Aid

NEW DELHI - India - The Indian finance minister, Pranab Mukherjee, has revealed that his country will give aid to the UK for the very first time in the country's history.

Obama Armada of 45 Naval Destroyers Escort For India Trip

MUMBAI - India - The Pentagon recently announced that 45 U.S. naval destroyers and over 350 jet fighters and bombers are to escort President Obama when he visits the country next week.

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