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Why Doesn’t Greta Thunberg Go and Speak to the Chinese About Pollution?

BRISTOL - England - Whilst preaching to the converted, Greta Thunberg is not achieving anything in fighting global pollution or climate change, she needs to go to China and India.

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It’s easy for Climate icon, Greta Thunberg to be preaching to the converted in places like Britain, a country which has made the most effort in combating climate change in all of the G20 countries. What about China?

In fact, since the coronavirus lockdown in China, the pollution levels are visibly down, showing that the world drastically needs the Chinese to alter everything about themselves if anything is ever going to change.

With countries like China and India making up 37% of the global population and pumping vast numbers of pollution into the atmosphere and environment, Greta should be concentrating on these nations and not countries like tiny Britain, a miniscule drop in an ocean of plastic bags and nappies.

It’s of course not just the developing nations that she should concentrate on, but the United States, which makes up 5% of the global population yet uses 60% of its resources.

Why not go to these countries Greta? Why is Beijing not your first priority? Even if the UK became a zero emission country tomorrow, it would not matter much because China, and India would still be spewing out grotesque amounts of pollution everywhere.

It’s as if Greta Thunberg does not realise that what happens in China eventually travels around the globe in the atmosphere.

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