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Why Doesn’t Greta Thunberg Go and Speak to the Chinese About...

BRISTOL - England - Whilst preaching to the converted, Greta Thunberg is not achieving anything in fighting global pollution or climate change, she needs to go to China and India.

PANDEMIC – How to Survive

LONDON - England - Surviving a global pandemic is all about the right preparation, and correct decisions made as situations change.

Zero Carbon Emission – Greta Thunberg Walks Across Atlantic Ocean

MID ATLANTIC - Greta Thunberg, the teenage activist, has embarked on another zero emission journey across the Atlantic Ocean, this time walking over the water.

Greta Thunberg Climate Action – Global Warming Can Only Be Cured...

NEW YORK - USA - Climate change mascot, Greta Thunberg has made a passionate plea for the reduction of global emissions. This can only be achieved by reducing the global population by 80%.

Crocodiles Seen in Cumbria

CUMBRIA - England - Shocked locals have not only woken up to massive floods but crocodiles swimming in their High Streets.

Experts: Climate Change Overpopulation Direct Cause of Terrorism

LONDON - England - Overpopulation is a problem that must be addressed, as it falls under the mantle of climate change, and ultimately terrorism.

Think Tank: “Why Compulsory Sterilization Could Solve Britain’s Problems Instantly”

LONDON - England - A leading think tank has come up with a very effective way of completely eradicating Britain's feral youth problem in one fell swoop, it has revealed in a white paper delivered to parliament this morning.

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