PANDEMIC – How to Survive

LONDON - England - Surviving a global pandemic is all about the right preparation, and correct decisions made as situations change.


Being prepared for a pandemic is not a crime, you are not a kooky conspiracy theorist to see that events can turn bad fast.

All it would take for a breakdown in society is three or four days without the supermarkets open and all communications down. This is why you will need a decent supply of food/water/sanitation and weapons or you will be relegated to being a member of the majority who will be helpless.

First of all you will need at least one year’s supply of food and water, as well as first aid equipment. Once the reports of more cases filter through and the virus hits your city or town, do not go out any more, and if you have to, always wear a proper medical graded mask that filters bacteria and viruses. Normal surgical masks are useless, because they have no filters and quickly become sodden with water droplets from your breath, do not bother with anything like that. Use N95 masks and wear protection over the eyes.


Depending on the government response, which could be anything from all encompassing or absolutely nothing, do not rely on their assistance because it may come or not, but will be very minimal and even detrimental to the virus spread.

If you have a job, or children at school, do not go any more. Do not ever use public transport in a pandemic, or frequent places where there are loads of people. Do not touch anything on a bus or a train, as this will be one of the easiest ways of catching whatever is floating around.

The virus will most probably mutate, and there will be no cure in the foreseeable future, plus even if there are vaccinations, only important members of the government and front-line workers would receive the vaccine, not anyone else.


In times of a pandemic, the population is just a number to government. They will look at the amount of people piled up in the streets and all they will see are statistics. They will not see you as human, but as data to be input into the daily reports, so this is another good reason to look after yourself and family only. Always keep a bug out bag, because circumstances can change in a second, and you may have to leave wherever you are without much warning.

Projected 65 million deaths within 18 months

Mass air travel will allow the virus to spread fast, and it is the fault of the greedy governments who only see things in economic terms who will suffer the most in their respective countries. By not stopping air travel, and utilising proper border controls, those nations will succumb to the virus with immense speed, especially if the incubation period of the virus disguises its initial spread.

As long as you are self-sufficient, and have a good supply of emergency rations, you can


probably sit the virus out for at least a year. By that time many will have died, or been killed in rioting. There will be looting in the main cities, as social order breaks down completely, and there will be gangs roaming around looking for food. If you live in the UK, unfortunately, the right to arm yourself with guns has been taken away from you, so protecting your family will be harder than if you live in the US for example. You can still own shotguns, or rifles with specific licences that take a long time to acquire, or you could go the crossbow route, or arm yourselves with Katanas, and other bladed weapons.

The large cities will effectively be kill zones, so your best bet is always out of the main metropolitan areas, and away from as many people as possible.

Depending on the efficiency of the virus, one can expect a decent chunk of the global population to be reduced. Of course this is a Greta Thunberg wet dream come true, but she is a celebrity and will have no problem surviving. It is the rest of the populations that will be left on their own to duke it out amongst themselves, and the onus will be on you to survive, whilst the unprepared die.

Start preparing now and you may have a chance, because when the supermarkets are empty, when the electricity is cut off, when the phone lines are cut, and the looting, riots begin, it will be too late.

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