Huawei Beijing Communist Bosses Can’t Wait to Listen to British Conversations

BEIJING - China - Good news is filtering down through the grapevine to the communist party that the British government will accept Huawei to create the UK's 5G network.

huawei lisening in POLITICAL SATIRE
"I can hear you!"

The communist Chinese are not known for their restraint when it comes to espionage within Western countries, what with pretty much identical copies of U.S. military aircraft and mass spying networks active in commercial companies stealing secrets daily, the insane decision to allow Huawei, a Chinese state controlled company to create a mobile phone backbone in Britain would be a serious danger for the nation’s security.

You might be on the phone talking about that defence contract to counteract Chinese nuclear submarine proliferation when you hear a few clicks, some buzzing and disconcerted Mandarin filtering through one of the channels.

Sending packets of valuable user data to Beijing will give the Chinese a front row seat on British intelligence.

The Chinese 5G network may be cheaper than the other tenders but is cheapness so important that a nation will effectively capitulate its entire data security to a totalitarian communist state? Is Britain trying to leave the totalitarian EU state, only to be controlled by another even worse one?