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Can Vlad the Imperialist Take Our Playbook Further?

VIRGINIA - USA - CIA veteran Colonel Z. Brinkman Shadowplay III Esquire has written a rather lengthy letter to his old pal, Uncle Vlad extolling the virtues of needless butchery, imperialism and clandestine operations.

Chinese Spy in Parliament: “I Wonton Nothing Wong!”

BEIJING - China - Apparently, the CCP hierarchy are all laughing at Britain's lax security regarding a Chinese spy who infiltrated parliament with ease.

The Ball is Firmly in Ghislaine Maxwell’s Court

NEW YORK - USA - Will Ghislaine Maxwell spill the beans to reduce her prison sentence of 65 years?

Chinese Espionage Agents Installed Camera in Smoke Detector to Catch Hancock

LONDON - England - After the ministerial office of MP Matt Hancock was found to be compromised by spy cameras, Chinese clandestine operatives are most certainly to blame.

Communist China Must be Taught a Fundamental Lesson

BEIJING - China - At some point in time, communist China will have to choose between continuing the route of communism, or the route of capitalism leading to democracy.

Intelligence: China Encouraging BLM ANTIFA Rioters Across U.S. Cities

MINNEAPOLIS - USA - As the riots and looting go from city to city, one must look at the destabilising root of all the strife, and who is really running the show to take America down from the inside - China.

Obama: “Why Trump Should Never Have Been President – I Got...

NEW YORK - USA - Former President of the United States, Barack Obama reveals some espionage tips from when he was president.

Huawei Beijing Communist Bosses Can’t Wait to Listen to British Conversations

BEIJING - China - Good news is filtering down through the grapevine to the communist party that the British government will accept Huawei to create the UK's 5G network.

Soros and EU Funded ‘Scientists For EU’ Responsible For Organising Mass...

LONDON - England - Brexit and democracy in Britain is being attacked from many fronts including clandestine propaganda operatives working for the EU within the UK.

Espionage Experts: Google China Search Engine Data Will Go Straight to...

VIRGINIA - USA - The Google search engine in China will afford intelligence agencies a perfect window for gathering of crucial data about the regime and its people.

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