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Sunak Pushing For Closer Ties With China

BEIJING - China - The CCP and Chinese communist leader Xi Jinping are delighted that Rishi Sunak wants closer ties with their country.

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It’s easy to bypass massive levels of espionage, human rights violations, prison camps, genocide and atrocities committed by the brutal communist regime of the CCP’s China when money is involved, and this is why despite Chinese spy balloons all over the fucking place and Taiwan about to be invaded, the unelected technocrat Rishi Sunak wants closer ties with China.

With the UK, EU and USA drowning in Chinese spies, these days you can’t throw a chopstick without hitting one of these CCP agents in the face. Chinese espionage is literally everywhere, from the smart devices people have in their homes, to the TikTok app, to the hundreds of thousands of Chinese ‘students’, the Confucius Institute embedded in every Western university. Chinese spies are also deeply embedded in Western manufacturing, as well as companies that develop military hardware/software. Many computers sold in the West have specialist components built into the back-end, which feeds data straight back to China. All telecoms software and hardware used in the West feeds directly to the Chinese Politburo and Chinese Intelligence Service – the Ministry of State – the principal civilian intelligence, security and secret police agency of the People’s Republic of China. One could say that the Chinese know more about their Western enemy than the idiots who currently supposedly run the West do.

Along with creating more economic and political ties with China, Sunak is also courting closer ties with the EU, bypassing Brexit to forge ahead with his not so secret plan to eventually reverse any aspirations that Britain ever left the EU.

Looks like Britain’s enemies have found a deep friend in Sunak.

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