Chinese Espionage Agents Installed Camera in Smoke Detector to Catch Hancock

LONDON - England - After the ministerial office of MP Matt Hancock was found to be compromised by spy cameras, Chinese operatives are most certainly to blame.

chen wenqing MSS hancock

Hostile state, China, is most certainly responsible for the spy camera installed in a smoke detector in the ministerial office of former MP Matt Hancock.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) CCTV cameras are produced by Chinese company Hikvision.

Placing spy cameras in private areas like a ministerial office is a serious breach of national security, and it is guaranteed that listening devices were also placed in the office of Hancock.

The agenda for the PLA and Chinese intelligence service, MSS, Ministry of State Security is essentially one of the ‘long game’ to cause chaos, demoralisation and garner as much information as possible to subvert the enemy (Britain/USA/Australia).

If one minister’s office, like that of Matt Hancock has been found to be bugged, it can be assumed that all other departments and ministerial areas are also compromised. Whether MI5/MI6 will do anything about this breach is not known.

The CCP’s 3F plan, which aims to “fall, fail, and fell,” to weaken, destroy and kill Western nations is part of the CCP’s BGY Program (B-Hacking, G-Money, Y-Sex).

China’s Ministry of State Security – Divisions

  1.  Confidential Communication Division Responsible for the management and administration of confidential communications
  2.  International Intelligence Division Responsible for strategic international intelligence collection
  3. Political and Economic Intelligence Division Responsible for gathering political, economic, and scientific intelligence from various countries
  4.  Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau Division Responsible for intelligence work in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau
  5.  Intelligence Analysis Division Responsible for analysing and reporting on intelligence and collecting guidance on how to handle intelligence matters
  6.  Operational Guidance Division Responsible for directing and supervising the activities of provincial level MSS offices
  7.  Counterintelligence Division Responsible for gathering counterintelligence information
  8.  Counterintelligence Division Responsible for monitoring, investigating, and potentially detaining foreigners suspected of counterintelligence activities. This Bureau is reported to primarily cover and investigate diplomats, businessmen, and reporters.[58]
  9.  Internal Security and Anti-Reconnaissance Division Responsible for protecting the MSS from infiltration by foreign entities by monitoring domestic reactionary organizations and foreign institutions
  10.  External Security and Anti-Reconnaissance Division Responsible for monitoring students and institutions abroad in order to investigate international anti-communist activities
  11.  Information and Auditing Division Responsible for the collection and management of intelligence materials
  12.  Social Research Division Responsible for conducting public opinion polling and surveying the population
  13.  Science and Technology Investigative Division Responsible for managing science and technology projects and conducting research and development
  14.  Science and Technology Investigative Division Responsible for inspecting mail and telecommunications
  15.  Comprehensive Intelligence Analysis Division Responsible for the analysis and interpretation of intelligence materials
  16.  Imaging Intelligence Division Responsible for collecting and interpreting images of political, economic, and military targets in various countries through both traditional practices and through incorporation of satellite imagery technologies
  17.  Enterprises Division Responsible for the operation and management of MSS owned front companies, enterprises, and other institutions