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Iranian Spy Omid Scobie On Mission to Destroy Royal Family

WINDSOR - England - Omid Scobie, an Iranian spy, is on a mission to completely destroy the reputation of the royal family.

Meghan Markle’s attack dog, and Iranian spy Omid Scobie is on a clandestine overt mission to completely destroy the British royal family with tittle-tattle.

It is no news that the Iranian regime views the UK as Satan 0.2 after the USA as Satan 0.1. Meghan Markle also views the UK in the same way and has vowed never to set foot on the land ever again.

“I receive my orders through a carrier pigeon sent from Montecito, California via Tehran. Yes, it can take months for a single message, but such are the vagaries of being an Iranian spy living in the UK undercover,” Scobie revealed by accident yesterday to the BBC.

If all things go well for the Iranian spy, the Windsors will be inundated with disinformation, fake news and all sorts of nasty rumours to rattle the Palace courtiers and King for months and decades going on.

“It’s like having a constant barrage of slime being slung at you by a nasty gibbering vindictive monkey on a constant basis. What a fucking cunt this Omid is,” a courtier revealed anonymously.

Who is Omid Scobie? No one really knows who the plasticsurgeoned vindictive fictile freak really is? According to his Wikipedia page, he lives in Wales with his dog, but that’s about it. Whatever the consequences of his violent verbal slanderous attacks on the royal family, this slimy parasite needs a visit from James Bond.

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