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Meghan Markle Sees Taking Down the Monarchy as a Challenge

MONTECITO - USA - Meghan Markle likes a challenge, and taking down the reputation of the British monarchy is one of them.

Narcissists don’t always target weak and vulnerable people, they also sometimes target the strong-willed and talented. This is because they see it as a challenge, and they will find more entertainment in taking down someone impressive. For Meghan Markle, stringing an idiot like Harry along is not much of a challenge, and that’s why she is now eyeing up taking down the entire British monarchy.

How about that for a claim to fame, destroying the reputation of an institution that has survived for over 1,500 years? Markle is not challenged by subverting Harry against his own family anymore. In fact, it was all too easy for her, and like a puppy, Harry follows every directive she barks without any thought, simply because he is not armed to deal with such a conniving manipulative entity like Meghan, who has shoehorned herself into the role of his long deceased mother.

Narcissists have no feelings for their victims, and much like psychopaths have no conscience regarding their actions. The fake Meghan Markle smiles, and virtue signalling hypocrisy go hand in hand with someone who can smell weakness from miles away, or smell money making opportunities from even farther.

King Charles much like his lost son, Harry, reeks of weakness, as he is a supposed gentle soul who at times talks to his plants, and likes nothing better than to sit in front of the fire in Highgrove and read his books. Markle, who is inherently a vindictive schizoid narcissist who thinks she has been upstaged by the Brits, who saw through her facade, wants to destroy the royal family, so she can add that to her tally. She has already destroyed her own family, destroyed her own father, and destroyed countless men she used to gain more power.

We can only hope that Charles regains some composure and strengthens his hand dealing with this terminator and master manipulator who is using his own son against his family. The cold calculating machine that is Markle will not stop until her mission is accomplished, she will keep coming in for the attack incessantly and without any form of remorse. She will utilise the media she supposedly detests so much for her own ends.

Ultimately, for Markle, her destructive behaviour is about control. Furthermore, she views the royal family as a valid target because whatever happens, they seem to stick together as a family. This show of unity enrages her, especially as she never had that family feeling whilst growing up. Markle does not care one iota about the plight of black people and racism, especially as she is deemed as white herself, however she has found the royal family’s weakness and uses the ‘race card’ at every opportunity. By using the battering ram of ‘racism’ she can garner support from the far left Americans and black community who will fall behind her, as she plays them like pawns on a chess board. The castle walls and gates are being besieged by this entity, who will not stop until she is stopped.

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  1. Good! Hop Princess Meghan who da real royl destroys those slave keepin crackaz Da Brit family stole everything from Africa.

  2. Reading this I cannot feel anything but sadness for the royal family. To be cursed by someone as nasty as Meghan Markle is a real kick in the gonads. Hope they can one day take that blTCH out

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