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Queen Needs to be Protected From People Like ‘Nasty Harry’

WINDSOR - England - After Nasty Harry made a series of arrogant and stupid comments on an American tabloid show, there has been some pushback.

Former Royal Harry Procures a Job at Disneyland

ANAHEIM - USA - Former royal Harry has found a new job, this time in Disneyland, where he will be entertaining visitors to the attraction.

Harry in Training to be Meghan Markle’s Secretary When She Runs...

LOS ANGELES - USA - Harry has agreed to take the role of Meghan Markle's secretary as she runs for political office in the White House.

Revealed: Former Prince Harry Uses Secret Soundproof Room to be Himself

MONTECITO - USA - Former Prince Harry apparently utilises a secret soundproof room to be himself, away from Markle and her shallow Woke friends.

Dumbo Harry: “I am Not Living in a Fantasy Land”

LOS ANGELES - USA - Former royal, Harry declares he is not living in a fantasy land despite untruths told to American TV host.

CONFESSIONS: Harry Too Stupid to Realise Meghan Setting Him Up For...

LOS ANGELES - USA - Meghan is pushing Harry to make series of public confessions so that her lawyers can use the material for a future divorce.

Blabber Mouth Harry: “No! I am Not a National Security Threat”

LOS ANGELES - USA - Despite blabbing to the press, revealing secrets that endanger the royal family, former prince, Harry, claims he is not a national security threat.

Harry and Meghan Will Push For Complete Gun Ban in America

LOS ANGELES - USA - As well as banning freedom of speech, Harry is now pushing for a complete ban of guns in America, repealing the Second Amendment.

Psychiatrist: “Harry is Projecting His Mental Illness onto Audience and Father”

GENEVA - Switzerland - Former British royal, Harry is projecting his mental illness onto his father and grandparents, as well as the public audience who listen to his broadcasts.

Leaky Harry Not Trusted by Royals Any More

MONTECITO - USA - Due to multiple leaks of private conversations to the press from Harry, he is no longer trusted by the royal family.

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