Why Racist Harry is Not Racist Anymore

MONTECITO - USA - Former racist royal Harry is not racist anymore and neither is Meghan Markle.

harry german nazi

According to Hollywood psychologist Dr Maria Prongs, Prince Harry is not racist anymore despite his past actions. He once called a Sandhurst colleague Ahmed Raza Khan a “Paki” whilst filming his army chums at an airport. Harry also liked to dress in Nazi garb for parties replete with swastikas, and called another colleague a “rag head”.

“Harry is not racist because he married a mulatto woman who is whiter than white itself. Meghan is about as black as a snow covered mountain. This is why it is ridiculous that Harry says the royal family is racist, because Harry is as racist as anyone, but not racist anymore because he married Meghan Markle,” the psychologist revealed.

Ovid Scoobie, the couple’s spokesperson also backed up Prince Harry much to celebrations from the “Sussex Squad” fans.

“It’s impossible for Harry to be racist even though he looks down on Pakis, rag heads etc. If he had married a real full on black woman and had actual black kids, then he would truly be deemed as non-racist but instead he married a white half African American who probably looks down on coloured people as well when indoors. You see, it’s okay to be racist when there are no cameras around in the safety of your Montecito Mcmansion.”

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