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Failure of Meghan Campaign to Ruin the Royal Family Leaves Her...

LONDON - England - Meghan Markle and her little boy, Harry have failed to ruin the royal family as the Queen's Platinum Jubilee was a huge success.

BREAKING: Meghan Markle Arrived in Britain in Full Disguise

LONDON - England - Meghan Markle, a most detested and disgraced former royal, arrived in full disguise at an undisclosed location yesterday.

‘Compassionate’ Meghan Markle Ignores Her Dying Father in Hospital

MONTECITO - USA - Meghan Markle constantly flouts her compassionate nature regarding global causes, yet feels none for her own father in hospital.

Meghan Markle Tries to Trademark Another English Word

LOS ANGELES - USA - Meghan Markle is trademarking another English word after failing to trademark 'archetype '.

Meghan Seen Off the Coast of Jamaica in Submarine

TRENCH TOWN - Jamaica - Meghan Markle, has been spotted in a submarine in hot pursuit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their Caribbean royal tour.

Meghan Markle Seen Flying Over Belize in Helicopter

SAN IGNACIO - Belize - Meghan Markle has been spotted in a helicopter over the area where Wills and Kate are visiting.

PRESS FREEDOM: Britain Must NOT Lose the Right to Free Speech

LONDON - England - The Right to Free Speech, especially with the British Press, is a truly important right that must be protected from subversion.

Meghan Markle Ordered Her Own Dad to Cut Out His Other...

LOS ANGELES - USA - According to Thomas Markle, Meghan ordered him to cut ties with his other children.

Harry in Training to be Meghan Markle’s Secretary When She Runs...

LOS ANGELES - USA - Harry has agreed to take the role of Meghan Markle's secretary as she runs for political office in the White House.

Black People Feel Protective Over Meghan Markle

LOS ANGELES - USA - For many black people, Meghan Markle is their champion, and they feel protective of her from all the vitriol.

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