Vote For Recession Rishi at Your Peril

LONDON - England - A Tory vote for Recession Rishi will ruin Britain bringing on a prolonged economic depression.

rishi recession

Socialist spender Rishi Sunak gave £50,000 to a crack addict during the Covid Lockdown spending spree. Naturally, the addict used the money to buy more cocaine and snort it up his fucking nose. Losing £16 billion to fraud during the lockdown, Rishi Sunak did not even attempt to recoup the money, instead he pretended it never happened, writing it off.

Instead of letting loss making businesses fail naturally, Sunak started a profligate socialist spending spree using money that the UK just doesn’t have and will find hard to pay off.

How did Rishi Sunak and his Treasury fix the economy after the pandemic lockdowns ended? Like any good socialist, he put up taxes to levels not seen since Clement Atlee in the 1950s. Add that shit in with hyperinflation and insane cost of living rises, and what do you get? Well, recession is imminent, and it won’t be a pretty one either. We are talking depression levels of recession that may last for decades.

Any Tory who votes for Rishi Sunak is not a Tory, but should join Labour. Rishi Sunak is decapitating business by increasing corporation tax, killing off small business and condemning millions of Britons to a fate of prolonged poverty barely existing from pay cheque to pay cheque.

Killing off the entrepreneurial spirit and dissuading many businesses from coming to Britain, Sunak has fucked Britain up the ass.

If Rishi Sunak becomes the next PM, prepare for complete recession and depression in the UK that will last for decades.

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