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Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Only Low-information Idiots Would Ask For a Pay Rise During a...

LONDON - England - Low-information idiots like RMT Union members have no idea how the economy works.

Global Recession Starting to Really Annoy Me Says Man

GRIMSBY - England - The bankers have had their multiple bailouts as have other business leaders in high places and high ranking government officials, but what of the ordinary man and woman? There were no bailouts for them.

Recession Britain: Government Scientists Now Say 70 Minutes in Hour

LONDON - England - In a bid to increase productivity during the recession, politicians have ordered scientists and mathematicians to find a way of sticking an extra ten minutes onto a 60 minute hour.

Gordon Brown Calls for a Tax on Recession

LONDON - England - Gordon Brown will introduce a new tax on recession in addition to all the other taxes he has already foisted on the people.

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