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Recession Britain: Sunak UK GDP Goes Down Sewer

LONDON - England - Recession Britain is now part of the Sunak economic policy as the UK GDP goes down the toilet.

Fishy Rishi Sunak’s pledge to grow the economy is in the shitter after a slump in GDP by 0.3pc in October, bringing on an assured recession.

Thanks to the scrooge Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt and bumbling Bank of England, the UK economy has begun the final quarter of the year on a downward trajectory, after zero fucking growth over the summer.

Zimbabwe on the Thames

The weak performance in October as well as inflation is an assurance that the economy will now slip into recession, although it has in real terms been in a recession for years already. It also throws into doubt the stumbling Prime Minister’s promise to grow the economy.

Everyone knows it is all about the economy, and having impoverished Britain with his insane economic policies while he was Chancellor, Sunak’s Chancellor is just as bad.

Fishy Rishi Sunak made boosting the economy one of his five key pledges when he outlined his priorities for 2023 at the start of the year.

Recession Britain

“You can’t buy a tiny fucking loaf of bread for lower than £3.90 (4.94 USD), A pint of milk is £4.20 (5.32 USD), and six small eggs are £5.80 (£7.35). Filling up your car now costs a small fortune, especially as 89% of the cost is fuel tax. Last night I paid £190 (240 USD) to fill the motherfucking tank of my Vauxhall Nova. My mortgage increased by 75% since 2021, and I am now paying £6,700 (8486 USD) per month. Council fucking tax has risen by over 80% since last year, and I am paying £5,000 per annum just so they can take my fucking bins away every fortnight.”

The Treasury has throttled the economy and left it for dead, and now the Conservatives are reaping the rewards of their awful non-conservative monetary policy of insanely high taxes, and anti-business anti-growth bureaucratic red-tape taxation nonsense.

The nasty economic outlook will only get worse. The Bank of England warned earlier this month that nearly half of the impact of interest rate rises is yet to be felt in the housing market. 45pc of mortgage deals agreed before the rate rises began are yet to renew. Around 1.5 million fixed-rate mortgages are set to expire next year, which will ensure many households will not be able to cope and lose their homes to the banks. The mass defaults will further impact Britain’s failing economy. Welcome to recession Britain again.

Meanwhile, the incoming Labour government can only rub their dirty hands with glee as they calmly wait for the next General Election on May 2024.

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