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Fishy Rishi Sunak: Rwanda or Bust!

NOWHERE LAND - It's Rwanda or bust for a desperate Fishy Rishi Sunak and his bid to safeguard the UK's borders and his position.

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Fishy Rishi Sunak is a desperate man who is running out of time as the current unelected Conservative Party Prime Minister. Time is running out rapidly for Fishy Rishi and his self-imposed target for sending illegal boat migrants to Rwanda.

Every time the British government tries to solve the problem of illegal migrants crossing the English Channel to apply for asylum, it is thwarted by the ECHR, which rules over the UK. Despite a so-called Brexit, Britain is still essentially controlled by the European Convention of Human Rights. Britain thus has zero control over its borders.

The numbers show 50,546 asylum seekers were being housed in hotels in the UK at the end of June. This is around 10% more than the 45,775 living in hotels at the end of last year. It currently costs the British taxpayer £8 million per day to house the illegal migrants in 4-star hotels across the country.

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Whilst illegal migration is one thing, the Tory government dare not mention the legal migration level under the Sunak regime – net migration was 672,000; most people arriving to the UK in the YE June 2023 were from Nigeria and India.

Britain paid Rwanda an additional £100 million in April, on top of £140 million it previously sent, as the bill for its contested plan to relocate asylum seekers to the East African country continues to rise. An incredible £240 million without a single illegal asylum seeker being sent there. Rwanda is probably receiving cash from the EU as well, many suspect because recently Rwandan government ministers said they would kill the deal if the UK leaves the ECHR. Only 1% of illegal migrants are sent back to where they came from.

Suella fell on her sword, will Fishy Rishi?

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