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Insincere Electioneering: Sunak Proposes National Service For 18-Year-Olds

LONDON - England - A little too late for the insincere electioneering of Sunak, proposing National Service for 18-year-olds.

Unelected PM Rishi Sunak and the Tories trailing far behind Labour in the polls are desperate. This is why his insincere electioneering is easy to see through as he tries to recover some of the Reform voters with his announcement to bring back National Service for 18-year-olds. If Sunak was truly sincere, he would have brought in the scheme months or years ago. In fact, it does not matter which government will be in power in the future, all of them will be forced to bring in National Service simply because of the global war situation, which is escalating daily.

If Sunak wanted to really win the election, he would dump the ECHR and Inheritance Tax. These two actions would be a sure winner and propel the Tories to heights in the polls they would have never believed, but Sunak would not dare to do such a thing, not only because he is a coward, but because these actions would go against his socialist Marxist ideals.

World War III already started some time ago, and even though it is currently only being waged in the Middle East and Ukraine, the mechanics of war and implications of its existence are still present globally and economically.

If National Service were to be enrolled throughout Britain, it should involve every citizen 18-45, and not just 18-year-olds proposed by Sunak.

After 14 years of rule, the Tories have effectively stripped the British Armed Forces of funding and equipment. It is great they are finally thinking about doing something, but it is way too little and way too late. Insincere electioneering by Rishi Sunak with gimmicks like this proposed National Service are a joke. Besides, preparing for war is more than just National Service, it is about manufacturing of weapons, ammunition and development of new technology. The Gears of War are multipronged and require multiple variables to accomplish a proper outcome.

The Daily Squib has been talking about National Service since 2015.

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