The West Must Reinstate Compulsory Military Conscription Now

PARIS - France - Full compulsory military conscription in all Western nations must be implemented immediately before it is too late. Here are the supporting arguments.

All Western nations must instate compulsory military conscription to all fighting men over the age of eighteen if it is to have an equal footing to the threats emanating from the Middle East and Russia.

Back in September 2014 there were suggestions of such actions which were not heeded by Western governments, however with the recent shooting at the offices of French magazine, Charlie Hebdo in which twelve people were mercilessly gunned down, there is no other course for the West.

Costly air strikes are useless, and we wrote about that in 2014 as well. Not only have the United States been dropping supplies on the door step of Islamic fighters but they have been spending billions of dollars on limited air strikes on an enemy that is transient and fluid. When George W. Bush and Tony Blair attacked Iraq and Afghanistan in 2003, they unleashed a legacy that will live with the West for a very long time.

Time is running out for the West, its tenets of freedom of speech are moot when the waiting Islamic fighters have all the time in the world to fight and fight while the West’s leaders do nothing. Limited military action on the ground will not suffice either, it has to be full military conscription for every man and woman.

If you ever thought about joining the army, navy or air force, now is a good time to put this into action.

If you have never thought about joining the military, now is a good time to start preparing and thinking about it.

Full military conscription is the only way to proceed before it is too late. Increasing military budgets by 70% is the only way forward.

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