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Military Experts: Why the West Must Not Send Troops to Iraq Unless..

WEST POINT - USA - The multiple strategic threat the West is facing, is not only hampering the push for globalisation but threatening our very own existence, a key military figure has revealed.

Speaking at West Point military academy, General D. Franks, a celebrated four star general revealed the pitfalls of sending troops back into Iraq and Syria.

“We’ve just seen another act of savagery committed by the biggest threat the West has seen in a long time. The daily beheadings and other atrocities committed by the Islamic State cannot be solved without a deployment of at least 180,000 troops, full air force support, logistics and trillions of dollars worth of administration as well as intelligence. The second Gulf war cost America an excess of $11 billion per month according to the Congressional Research Service (CRS) and in total the campaigns in both Afghanistan and Iraq cost the U.S. taxpayer over $1 trillion.

“Immediately after the second Gulf wars, the world was plunged into the biggest recession since the end of World War II.

“In relation to the current crisis, we must understand that one cannot win against a state that has infinite recruits without total deployment. The Middle East is a hotbed of Jihadism where by killing one of their number creates one hundred in their place. To this end, there are limited conventional military solutions to the Iraq imbroglio.

“By being dragged into another costly conflict when the world’s economy is still very fragile will increase the velocity of its downfall. We must also add in the Ukraine factor, as this impacts on America’s ability to mobilise large forces on many fronts, spread too thin and too wide we would be sitting ducks.

“The only solution to the threat we are seeing now is either total conscription or nothing. Remember we are dealing with very large numbers of potential enemies who have unlimited time. The U.S. must bring back compulsory conscription if it wants to crush the threats we are seeing effectively.

“The strategy of drone and air force bombings are ineffective as they only target small areas, and are prone to failure due to lack of intelligence on the ground. Further failings by the current administration are seen with the policy of arming other factions to do our work. This is not only a cowardly stance, but highly ineffective and only leads to needless escalation as well as leaving key decisions to other commanders who may or may not have our best interests at hand.

“I therefore propose the re-instatement of the military draft system in the United States as the only way to counteract the multiple threats we are dealing with from many areas of the globe right now. I also propose the budget for the military is increased by over 60% forthwith.”

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  1. If I were an American I would fighting against conscription. Giving my life for my country is one thing, but giving my life in a war the Globalists initiated and will profit greatly from is quite another. I’d rather kill a globalist than fight for him/her.

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