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Military Experts: Why Bombing a Belief System is Futile

LONDON - England - As the indiscriminate bombing of areas in Syria and Iraq begins by the Western powers, there are questions which arise to its efficacy in completely destroying the perceived threat, a military think tank reveals.

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There is no doubt that threats to Western global hegemony like ISIS are a danger to the new world order, however, simplistic methods of eradication like indiscriminate bombing are impotent methods that only throw away money.

First, one must understand how a belief system works and how it powers the masses. Organised religions like Islam, Christianity and Judaism subscribe to a belief system that controls the mass of devout followers.

You cannot destroy a belief system by bombing it, because it resides in thin air, in the minds of the followers.

Simply by bombing areas where you think a belief system exists is futile and is merely an empty gesture wasting expensive rockets.

Furthermore, by bombing areas where a perceived threat emanates, one only creates more entrenched fanaticism within the belief system that lies there. The belief system is thus seen as being under attack, it provides a good recruiting tool by the belief system’s controllers. For every ISIS believer killed by a bomb, there are hundreds who will take their place. Strategically speaking, ISIS are an amorphous group, they do not have bases, they move around, this is why bombing is a complete waste of time and money, and is an empty gesture that will only enhance hatred towards the West, especially if collateral damage is incurred.

The only way to kill a belief system can be revealed here: Every participant of that belief system has to be eradicated, and that is called genocide. This is something, within the modern era, that is not acceptable by many, however throughout human history it has been utilised countless times to annihilate whole groups either to extinction or weaken them to practical non existence.

The Islamic State, as it wishes to be called, is a militant arm of Islam, which as a religion and belief system has no central control point or ‘church’ as it is all encompassing over multiple global regions. Therefore, the only way to defeat the Islamic State is to either eradicate every Muslim from the planet as well as to eradicate every form of mass religion including Christianity. The West is predominantly Christian, therefore if it attacks another religious belief system, it is immediately viewed as one belief system attacking another.

If the West was truly interested in eradicating ISIS they would eradicate Christianity as well. Religious belief systems only lead to war, however moderate they may seem at any point.

The rationalists, realists and revolutionaries within Western nations who propose war hold different ideologies of the technical abilities of war; the underlying core of their modus operandi is one of complete global governance and the establishment of a New World Order. It seems that there are fronts on many sides, with China, Russia as well as the Islamic belief system. The latter it seems is an excellent tool to bring about chaos from which order will eventually be restored.

Bombing is futile of any belief system. If there is ever to be any form of seriousness to this affair, Western governments must introduce compulsory military service for the populations and eradicate religion. Otherwise, the rest is just fluff, and the problems will keep getting worse, and worse, ending in the ultimate defeat of the West.

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  1. Shooting missiles into thin air really works. How about shooting at empty buildings or maybe civilian houses? That really works too huh.
    I see this action as only to create fear among the Jihadis. They’re movement might be stopped for a little while but unless you got troops on the ground on constant patrol nothing is gonna change.

  2. Mandatory military draft is a wonderful idea cuz it would kill May birds with one stone juvenile delinquency, Islamic fundamentalists ect ect……..

    • Don’t forget the economy too. It still hasn’t recovered so it will kill that too. Now’s the time to sell up the market will turn soon those bombs cost serious dough this is prolly a long shot but we’re talking 85% decline in markets. Short now.

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