Finally Obama is Thinking in Global Terms

LONDON - England - Throughout his tenure as president of the United States, Obama has pandered to the little things that do not matter, but finally with less than two years left he is slowly gaining some global knowledge.


As Obama’s henchman in chief, Eric Holder resigns – a man who was way too preoccupied by racial issues to do his job – Obama is forced to acknowledge the sphere of global influence.

Obama still has a lot to learn as his naive understanding of geo-political machinations is in its early phase, however his team of writers and advisers are always there to guide him.

The president’s keynote speech at the UN recently regarding the threat of ISIS, possibly penned by CFR experts, is a sign that the United States is once again ready to enter the world stage after a brief period of absence.

Describing Obama’s presidency in a simplistic way, it can be described with one sentence: First black man elected, tried to deal with being a black man in charge, got hated on a lot, was mildly accepted towards the end when bigger global threats arose.

The people who installed Obama into power, no names included, knew that it would be a struggle to have someone from a minority group supposedly in charge, they knew that influential Jewish media outlets like Drudge report and Breitbart would be on his case every second of the day, and it is a credit to Obama that he surfed the wave with idle care.

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