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Monday, December 11, 2023
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Only One Mile Away: ISIS Baghdad Cafe Opening Soon

BAGHDAD - Iraq - The Islamic State forces are only one mile away from the Iraqi capital city, and they're aching to open their own Bagdad Cafe.

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You’ve got to hand it to Obama, without his dithering, constant golf, skipping intelligence briefings and multiple vacations, the Islamic State forces, would not be only one mile away from Baghdad.

Speaking at the Oval office, Obama (Jimmy Carter 2.0) was very calm about the recent events: “It’s nothing to worry about, once ISIS reaches Baghdad, all we gots to do is bomb that place into non existence then it’s gonna be Mission Accomplished.”

As for the last minute bombing gesture, which has proved largely ineffective so far, maybe Obama’s late arrival into the ISIS affair is of course a great opportunity to call for a Global military force to tackle such events.

Looks like Baghdadians will soon be drinking from the coffee cup of ISIS, or should that be a chalice filled with blood at the newly opened Bagdad Cafe.

How much blood do you want in your Latte?


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  1. Don’t compare the current politicians to Jimmy Carter: he is a engineer, a farmer, a businessman, a humanitarian, and a minister of the Lord.

    Jimmy Carter has done more for peace and stopping worm infections worldwide,
    than any current politician ever will…

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