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Britain Needs a Wartime Prime Minister

LONDON - England - In these uncertain times, Britain needs a pragmatic and serious wartime Prime Minister.

Forget about wishy-washy Sunak or flip flopper Starmer, Great Britain needs a wartime Prime Minister with some fucking balls.

Rishi Sunak may be good at bankrupting Britain with his tin pot socialist spending sprees, and Keir Starmer will no doubt be the same. None of these miscreants have an inkling of what is needed to actually save Britain from an outside aggressor like Russia or China.

What Britain needs is some kind of Churchillian creature that smokes Cubans by the dozen, drinks gallons of high grade champagne and dines on the finest gourmet food whilst plotting the next clandestine commando raid into enemy territory. Someone who shouts loudly, farts loudly and when he walks everyone can hear a clinking noise emanating from his M&S pyjama bottoms.

Okay, you have a name, someone who can fit the bill? Unfortunately, it is not Boris. For some reason, he turned out to be a metropolitan liberal eco nodding fool who just went along with things like Brexit purely to get the PM job. He had no true heart in Brexit, and when he became PM, he literally put it back to the bottom of the pile of things to do. It was truly a sad sight to see such a terrible betrayal as that, where he was more concerned about the wallpaper in the Number 10 flat than fucking Brexit. Instead of lifting Britain out of the mire and shadow of the EU, Boris had his chance, and he fucking blew it.

Someone else has to take up the mantle of leading Britain through the vagaries of war, someone who will not shirk from their duty, and someone who will champion the military by reinventing and funding it properly.

Who that person will be is anyone’s guess, and in fact, that person probably does not exist in this insipid maudlin world, let alone Britain?

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