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EXPERTS: Putin Has Micropenis Syndrome

MOSCOW - Russia - Why is Vladimir Putin aggressive and angry all the time? According to experts, he has micropenis syndrome.

Experts: Christians are Programmed to Create Armageddon

LONDON - England - Christians are programmed to create armageddon on earth because it says it will happen in the Bible.

China is Transitioning From Peacetime Economy to War Footing

BEIJING - China - Stockpiling over 65% of the world's raw food materials as well as building its military up is a sign of war.

Defiant Putin Will Soon Declare War

MOSCOW - Russia - Cancerous Putin has got nothing to lose now. Accordingly, he may declare war soon and bring in compulsory conscription.

World Leaders: “For God’s Sake, Biden Cannot Stay in Power”

WASHINGTON DC - USA - The world is in a perilous state as loose-cannon Joe Biden goads on Putin with dangerous rhetoric. We have two very dangerous men now with fingers on the nuclear button prepared for WW3.

Great Home Design Ideas During World War III

LONDON - England - Using wonderful home interior design ideas, you can convert formerly banal spaces into intricately stylish living quarters.

WW3 Latest: Putin Sudetenland Ploy Works a Treat

Kyev - Ukraine - Dictator Valdimir Putin is mirroring the exact ploy Hitler utilised in the Sudetenland in 1938.

Meghan Markle Orders 16 Bathroom Nuclear Bunker in Montecito

MONTECITO - USA - Meghan Markle has ordered a 16 bathroom nuclear bunker in light of the current threat from Russia's Valdimir Putin and WW3.

Walking Disaster Biden Wants War With Russia

WASHINGTON D.C. -USA - Demented and psychologically deranged Biden actually wants a war with Russia as his reckless inaction has demonstrated.

Blithering NATO a Wreck to Be Toyed With by Putin

KYEV - Ukraine - NATO is stuck in the headlights as Russian grandmaster, Vladimir Putin plays various games to humiliate the West.

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