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Blithering NATO a Wreck to Be Toyed With by Putin

KYEV - Ukraine - NATO is stuck in the headlights as Russian grandmaster, Vladimir Putin plays various games to humiliate the West.

Biden: “I’m Warning You Putin. If You Invade I Will...

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Biden warns Putin that he will do nothing if he invades Ukraine.

The EU Claims It Created Peace in Europe But Reality Sees...

BRUSSELS - EU - The EU has always claimed its construction created peace in Europe, however imminent war with Russia proves the contrary.

AUKUS: Furious Macron Calls China For Possible EU War Pact

PARIS - France - After being locked out of a special nuclear submarine deal between the UK, US, and Australia, AUKUS, President Macron has blown a fuse.

Beijing Biden: China to Take Over Bagram Airbase With Troops and...

PARWAN PROVINCE - Afghanistan - Bagram Air Force Base is to be taken over by the Chinese military in conjunction with the Taliban forces.

Preparing For War: China’s Ban on “Sissy Men”

BEIJING - China - "Sissy Men" akin to Korean K-Pop stars are a role model for many young Chinese men, however the Communist Party wants Chinese boys to be masculine and strong.

Pike’s Ode to Lucifer Mirror Our Times Now

JERUSALEM - Israel - Apparently, Freemason Sovereign Grand Commander, Albert Pike's ode to Lucifer, written in 1871, predicted accurately our times.

Russia Ready to Take Antarctica, China Ready to Take Taiwan, Biden...

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - While China and Russia are continuing to make bold strategic moves, Joe Biden is sleeping with another nap.

Japan May Soon Need to Resurrect Samurai Bushido Spirit

TOKYO - Japan - The Land of the Rising Sun may have to once again resurrect its Samurai Bushido spirit to fight for survival.

Biden Has No Control Over Any of His Actions Including Nuke...

MICHIGAN - USA - Joe Biden not only has his finger on the nuke button, but he has absolutely no control over his mind or actions any more.

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