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Pathetic Weak Sunak is Certainly No Churchill

LONDON - England - Weak PM Rishi Sunak has sidelined the head of the British army and Defence Minister, denying any need to defend Britain.

Limp is the word. Unelected Prime Minister Rishi Sunak today sidelined General Sir Patrick Sanders and Defence Minister Grant Shapps who have been warning that the augurs of war are closing in and Britain must be prepared for conflict. Sunak ruled out any form of conscription after the head of the Army warned that British civilians would need to fight Russia in a future war. In a global conflict, the PM would thus leave Britain defenceless and be the arbiter for complete defeat.

“He is certainly no Churchill or Boris that’s for sure. Sunak is an unelected pen-pushing wimp, a limp-wristed impotent wet fart who has destroyed the British military by denying it the necessary funding,” a disgusted member of the public revealed.

Many Britons would be ready to fight in a war, and to have someone who is supposed to lead the country bend over for the enemy is frankly disgusting.

The General’s remarks at the International Armoured Vehicles conference in Twickenham on Wednesday underscored the fact that the Army, which is expected to have just 72,500 fully-trained soldiers by 2025, is not capable of waging a full-scale conflict with Russia, even if it boasts 120,000.

Defence sources revealed that Gen Sir Patrick wants British men and women to think like soldiers and be mentally ready for a war with Russia.

Grant Shapps, the Defence Secretary, warned that the UK was “moving from a post-war to a pre-war world” with conflict expected internationally within five years.

Britain only spends 3% of GDP on defence, which is a pitiful amount, seeing as war is becoming more inevitable.

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