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If Only Boris or Rees-Mogg Captained the Great Ship Britannia

LONDON - England - Britain needs strength and direction at the helm of the good ship Britannia.

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Let’s face it, the good Olde ship Britannia is at the moment caught between a squall and a typhoon. It is being led by clueless mutineers who have taken over the ship but have no idea how to run the ship. Instead of beating into the wind, Britain is sailing in irons going nowhere fast.

Would it not be great to instil greatness and pride into the country? To rightly reward those who work their guts off every day of their lives instead of punishing them with punitive morose taxes that empty bank accounts before any money even enters them? Would it not be great to build up our armed forces to their previous might and strength, so that service men and women can be proud to stand and fight? Would it not be great to instil a true work ethic in the young with meaningful, rewarding apprenticeships?

There was a time when there was little or no welfare state, and Britons worked and fought for their Empire with pride. There were no handouts for doing nothing, you either worked or you perished. That is the wake-up call this nation needs.

At present, the globe is entering another period of total war, culminating from the crisis in Ukraine. Britain needs a real leader, either bring back Boris, or instate Rees-Mogg as the next PM.

The United Kingdoms of Britain are currently not very united to say the least, however one factor, one event always unites — war. Britain and NATO are not officially at war, however in all certainty there are rogue nations at war with us. Russia, Iran, China to name a few. Yes, of course the public is not told this yet, but there will come a time of escalation where it will be impossible to hide. Britain must seize the moment now to prepare for the onslaught that will materialise across continental Europe.

Under the insipid passive, meek non-leadership of the current conservative leader, Britain would not survive a single day on the battlefield. Someone like that is only concerned with accounting and numbers, they have no other skills or interests, let alone strategic abilities in modern warfare. Someone like that cannot lead men, firstly because they have no charisma, they have no presence as a leader.

Britain needs someone with some fucking balls to lead the good ship Britannia through this nightmare.

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