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Unelected Technocrat Seeks Election For First Time

LONDON - England - An unelected technocrat who seeks election for the first time has called a General Election on July 4th.

An unelected technocrat number pusher seeks election for the first time.

“I have never been elected, and I seek election by calling a general election on July 4,” the unelected technocrat revealed from Number 10 Downing Street.

With an air of certain doom, there does not seem to be any hope the unelected technocrat will be elected for the first time.

Since being plonked into the job by unknown people, the unelected official has increased taxes to the highest levels in 70 years, increased inflation and run around the place with expensive tin-pot ideas that will never be pulled off.

“Rwanda! Rwanda! Rwanda!” the official shouts as he toys with a loaded revolver on the table.

Thanks to this fellow, many members of the party he serves inadequately will lose their seats at the general election, and many more are jumping ship already.

There is no time left, it is too late, and certain failure beckons.

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