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Tinpot Sunak Rwanda Plan: £1.8 Million Per Migrant Cost

DOVER - England - The very expensive Rishi Sunak Rwanda plan will cost £1.8 million per asylum seeker, equating to half a billion pounds cost.

Not only will it cost £12,000 per migrant’s plane ticket to Rwanda, overall, the total costs would be £4.8 billion, which works out as £1.8m per asylum seeker for repatriation to Africa. The cost of the Rwanda scheme is now set to top half a billion pounds, and is rising daily. The idiotic PM is set in his losing profligate plan and will no doubt be punished further in the polling booths across the nation when the General Election comes around for his complete blindness to his own lunacy.

The Home Office has granted 1.4 million fast-track visas to migrants within the past year and is fast tracking immigration. Abuse of the UK’S working visa scheme is rife. The Home Office issued 275 visas to a care home that did not even fucking exist, and another 1,234 were given to a company that stated it only had four workers when it was given its licence to operate. These are a small sample of some of the hundreds of thousands of working visa abuses the Home Office has turned a blind eye towards.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimates that net migration to the UK was 745,000 in 2022. The latest official estimates show that net migration in the year to June 2023 was 672,000.

Rwanda Plan

Rishi Sunak is also responsible for the massive levels of debt accrued by GB PLC during the covid pandemic with his huge spending sprees that amounted to nothing apart from increasing the UK’s debt mountain.

Instead of sending migrants to fucking Rwanda, all the government has to do is put illegal migrants in ships and send them back to France. That would solve the problem without vast costs to the taxpayer.


Economic migrants seeking a life of luxury on UK benefits posing as asylum seekers are at the moment being serviced in 4-star hotels across the country at a cost of £8 million per day, which equates to £2.9 billion per annum.

The fact is that as long as the UK is ruled by foreign courts like the ECHR and UN, the supposed sovereign nation will NEVER have control of its own borders and yet Rishi Sunak has completely ruled out leaving the ball and chains of the these foreign courts dictating what the UK can and cannot do.

Rishi Sunak’s Rwanda plan is a sure election loser, as much as his profligate socialist spending.

The entirety of this mass unfettered migration naturally results in public services that cannot cope; there are no new houses being built, no new hospitals, no new schools and the entire travel infrastructure is crumbling under the massive strain.

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  1. As a UK taxpayer I do not agree to this. I want to stop paying tax. I am willing to be unemployed for my principles. What is the point in paying tax when these utter utter Kunts do this to our money.


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