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Google CEO Sundar Pichai Arrested by Woke Black Nazis

NEW YORK CITY - USA - There was drama at a Google Gemini AI conference when Google CEO Sundar Pichai was arrested by black Nazis.

Woke black Nazis have arrested the Google CEO Sundar Pichai in New York City, reports have just reported. It is not known precisely why the Google executive was arrested, but some rumours milling around state something about artificial intelligence.

“Sundar Pichai, the Google CEO, was attending a seminar about Google’s new AI engine called Gemini. Suddenly, a group of black Nazis started shouting and goose stepped up to the podium. They then asked for Pichai’s papers. ‘Your papers are not in order!’ one black Nazi soldier shouted and grabbed the Google CEO by the scruff of his scrawny neck. The troupe of woke Negroid Nazis then frogmarched the bewildered Google CEO out of the venue into the street,” CNN reporter Arthur Fargas revealed.

It is not yet known where Pichai is being held, and for what reasons he was arrested by the woke inclusive Nazi police.

One man who witnessed the entire spectacle said, “See, the Nazis are not so bad after all, they’re inclusive by including black people. I as a woke identifying person feel much better about Nazis now. Thank you, Google.”

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  1. The irony about this is that there actually are woke black Nazis. They are just as racist and hateful as the original German Nazis were.

  2. Google AI mirrors the leftist mind – an intellectual toilet so clogged with massive smelly turds it can’t be flushed.


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