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British Robotics Company Engineered Arts are Global Pioneers

CORNWALL - England - Engineered Arts, a robotics company for entertainment, is so much more than that, and their amazing innovations should be acknowledged.

Fully Functional Robots On Cusp of Mass Production

SILICON VALLEY - USA - The exponential increase in technological progress is bringing forth a new age of mass consumer robots.

Hanson Robotics Sophia Close to Uncanny Valley Level?

LONDON - England - Sophia, the AI robot from Hanson Robotics could be getting close to the uncanny valley level.

Silicon Valley Having Hard Time Fixing Racist AI

CALIFORNIA - USA - Silicon valley AI and robotics developers are having a hard time fixing racist AI.

Coronavirus Pandemic: Many Businesses Speed Up AI Automation

LONDON - England - The coronavirus pandemic has seen a speeding up of automation in business models, utilising robotics and AI.

True Artificial Intelligence Should Not Be Programmed by Humans

SILICON VALLEY - USA - Humans should not directly program artificial intelligence systems or brains mainly because of unconscious and conscious bias.

Man: “Latest Boston Dynamics Robots Scare the Shit Outta Me”

BOSTON - USA - The reaction to the latest robots from Boston Dynamics has been quite overwhelming for some people.

New Russian AI Android Robot Fuelled By Vodka

MOSCOW - Russia - Russian supreme president, Vladimir Putin, today unveiled a Russian artificial intelligence genius robot that is fuelled solely on vodka.

The Future of AI is Total Neurobehavioural Integration

AUCKLAND - New Zealand - AI has taken a step forward thanks to Dr. Mark Sagar and BabyX. An experimental computer generated psychobiological simulation of an infant which learns and interacts in real time.

Robotics Future is Almost Upon Us

BOSTON - USA - Thanks to Alphabet owned companies like Boston Dynamics, and Head of Engineering at Google, Ray Kurzweil, the Singularity will be achieved within the next few decades.

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