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Experts: General AI Will Soon be Integrated Into Everything

LONDON - England - General AI is on the verge of being introduced into all facets of the corporate, business, governmental and military structures.

The first AI wave (ChatGPT etc.) was a basic introduction into the machinations of artificial intelligence, and showcased its basic abilities to integrate and amalgamate enormous amounts of data to create curated material. The second general AI phase which will come soon will be a more consolidated bespoke integration into pretty much all facets of human interaction and business. This tailor-made process will essentially take out many sectors of the corporate structures in place today. Many millions of people will not be able to compete with the vast power of AI integrative and creative abilities, purely because of its enormous data banks and abilities to learn, create and understand totally any action or process, or concept within the human framework

If we look further into the future, AI machines will be autonomous, sentient to a point, and be able to design and create their own tools to function as well as adapt to any instance or situation in the future. AI integrated into robotics will also see a huge leap forward, especially when these machines will create and design their own robots. One can speculate to the reasoning for birthing their own troop of robots, but AI will have a valid reason that will be okayed by their human bystanders.

Interestingly enough, the humans who brought in AI chose to first conquer the creative industry as the initial introduction to its technique. Now many graphic designers, illustrators, songwriters, and musicians, as well as programmers, writers are pretty much redundant especially when it comes to the corporate structure. Companies will no longer need to outsource or have large design departments when they can simply use AI, a tool that does not need to rest, sleep, eat or ask for pay rises. With a high degree of specificity and complexity, even understanding context, AI will make itself a crucial part of the entire infrastructure created by humans previously. Humans will still of course create their art, because as a species our unique sense and particular style of creativity is very hard to completely replicate, however it is hoped that only the truly examplary artists will survive the purge and the dross will not. Music companies can conjure up hit songs in seconds, and blockbuster film scripts or books can be created in the blink of an eye.

Once general AI integration is rolled out globally, this will mean multiple other sectors within business will be incorporated into the AI structure with dedicated AI specialist adaptive software for each industry, and job within that industry. Looking from the macro to the micro, every facet of any industry and its components will be able to be integrated within the AI framework.

AI of course will not just be integrated wholly into civilian life, but also within the ‘military industrial complex’ as weapons systems will become much more automated and autonomous. Making life or death decisions as well as designing and creating new weapons systems will boost the power of any military organisation.

Governmental integration will also be a crucial role for AI systems and could completely revolutionise how governments operate. Cutting down civil service numbers, and institutional staff will further streamline the running of governments, local and central.

The exponential rise of AI is to be feared, but its awesome power is too much for the corporate world to ignore, and in the future the artificial side of AI will no longer be artificial — it will be real.

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  1. More nonsense from ur magazine. No all jobs will be intact noone is coming for my job and I drive Uber all day long and make good moneys.


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