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Why is Scrooge Jeremy Hunt Acting Like a Cxxt?

LONDON - England - If the Chancellor Scrooge Jeremy Hunt scrapped the useless £100 billion HS2 that no one wants he could solve the fiscal black hole.

Scrooge Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is punishing the people with insane levels of tax rises that will not only ensure a Tory loss in the next election, but will guarantee the Tories do not get into power for decades. This pig headed cunt could solve the so-called budget black hole of £65 billion by scrapping the much-hated £100 billion HS2 rail line, instead he is punishing the populace and voters for his party’s idiotic mistakes.

Many households across Britain are now doomed to a miserable Christmas with no food and no heating, with the prospect of homelessness in the new year.

If this stubborn Remainer Chancellor had any brains, he would scrap HS2 immediately and even have some money left over. Punishing hard-working Britons needlessly is a foolish endeavour that will backfire on the Tories when it comes to the election in 2024.

The country already suffered under austerity for over a decade after the disastrous Labour government spent all the money, but this time around many households and businesses will be truly fucked.

There is no point in working in this heavy tax climate. Many people are now giving up work because people are penalised heavily for working. So much for levelling up, these are the days of levelling down in destitution.

Surely there must be someone in the current self-destructive government who can see sense?

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