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No One Wants Electric Cars Anymore Thanks to Tory Tax

LONDON - England - Forget about the Green Revolution. The Tory tax on all electric cars just killed it all off.

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Forget about the move from the piston engine to electric. Thanks to the new Tory tax on electric vehicles, the electric revolution will now be stifled and snuffed out before it even got off the ground.

Not only were electric vehicles excruciatingly expensive with little or no charging support in the UK, but now the hefty road tax will kill off any sort of renaissance.

The disproportionately large tax rises across all of Britain will snuff out all business, kill off enterprise and cause mass destitution to millions of people. Coupled with hyperinflation and vast hikes in interest rates and insane council tax rises, the recession will now develop into a mass depression lasting for decades to come.

As people lose their homes and livelihood, it is almost certain recession Britain will be struck with massive lay-offs, civil unrest and permanent strikes from multiple sectors.

To kill off an economy already spluttering, it is an insane policy to tax people beyond any rational point.

The ‘Tories in name only’ TINOs have effectively killed off any chance of economic recovery in the UK for the next two decades.

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