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Thank You Jeremy Hunt: UK Officially Enters Recession

LONDON - England - The UK officially enters recession today, just as the Tories prepare for a General Election.

Congratulations must go out to the Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt, who has put the UK into an official recession. UK Dec GDP 0.0% on Year, UK Dec 3-month GDP -0.3% on previous 3 months; 0.3% on year. As the UK officially enters recession, what is to happen about the coming General Election, and will the Tories benefit in the election by touting the failing economy?

The Slow Murder of the UK Economy – 14 INTEREST RATE RISES

Britain has the highest tax burden since WW2, and the cost of living is unliveable for millions of struggling families across the UK. Food costs, mortgage interest rate rises, insurance costs, vehicle tax, energy costs, fuel tax and business tax, council tax have all increased thanks to the insane policies of Jeremy Hunt and incompetent Bank of England.

The painful death of the economy

Instead of invigorating business by lowering taxes, the Chancellor has effectively killed off the ability for business to flourish, and people to make a decent living. As the UK officially enters recession, he can only sit there grinning like a bantling balatron overseeing a rotting maggotorium.

“What’s the point in working hard for your business if HMRC takes 80% of your profits?” a distraught business owner quipped as the bailiffs took away his manufacturing machinery in a van.

If you cut taxes, more people spend money and put it into the economy. Businesses can grow and thus put more money into the economy. Green shoots of the economy only occur with more money pouring into it, with people putting money into the economy. By invigorating an economy and increasing growth, policymakers who want prices to fall will see that cutting taxes is the natural policy response, not raising them.

The Tories must not bother with such trivialities, of course, especially as a General Election is looming over the horizon and a few crucial by-elections will happen today. Since the beginning of the year, over 70 Tory MPs have left the Conservative Party. If the morons in Labour cannot capitalise on this mess, they really are incompetent morons of the lowest order.

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