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The Sussexes Rebrand by Harry and Meghan a Genius Move

LOS ANGELES - USA - The Sussexes rebrand and new website by Harry and Meghan's advisors is a genius move.

The Windsors are now viewed as weak, cancer ridden and from a bygone era; the Sussexes on the other hand are now viewed as strong, defiant and youthful.

The reason that Harry immediately rushed to see King Charles when he announced he had cancer was one example of how the Sussexes utilise their PR power. Immediately, the focus was on Harry returning to the UK by the press, it was not on poor old Charles who has a horrid illness. It is this shift in press attention the new Sussexes crave and utilise to great effect to damage their enemies further.

Most royal lineages would have immediately taken away the titles of non-working grifters like Harry and Meghan but in the case of King Charles, a very weak individual who does not like to confront problems head on, instead choosing to be the target of a barrage of constant attack by the Sussexes, the Windsors have now suffered another bitter blow.

The attacks on the weak Windsors will continue from now on, simply because with every attack, there is little or no response and they are easy targets. Furthermore, each PR attack or theft of limelight action is a victory for the Sussexes. Royal houses must act when attacked, even when the attacks are from within, and if they do not act swiftly, and decisively they are doomed.

The pallid impotence of King Charles III is an obvious hindrance to the monarchy, and if this were 400 years ago, it is most certain his reign would have been very short-lived. It is lucky for him that we live in times of relative peace.

The late Queen Elizabeth II knew towards the end that Harry and Meghan were no friends, and consequently their actions sped her to the grave. It is now possible that the same will happen to poor old King Charles — unless he acts NOW.

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