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The Unmentionables Harry and Meghan Banned in Royal Palace

WINDSOR - England - Palace staff have banned the mentioning of Harry and Meghan in front of the King or rest of royal family.

Mentioning the names of Harry and Meghan in front of His Majesty King Charles is now forbidden by royal palace staff, it has been revealed.

“The only time one is permitted to mention Harry and Meghan is if one steps in something nasty like a dog shit or cow pat,” the member of the royal household added.

Harry and Meghan are now known as the unmentionables and in a concerted effort not to upset His Majesty, staff are barred from even mentioning the grifting couple who are making millions in America by fooling idiotic royal-struck network executives.

Outside the palace walls, Harry and Meghan are equally in bad favour, even amongst the oiks.

“Last night I stubbed my toe on a bed post and instead of shouting out the usual word ‘fuck!’ I shouted out ‘Meghan fucking Markle’. I think I broke my bloody toe,” a man from Manchester, Northern England, revealed in the Sun newspaper.

It’s not just the Brits who detest the Sussexes with a vehemence, even Americans are coming round to hating the parasitic duo.

Alan Clark, 38, a carpenter from Milwaukee and an ecoactivist, explained why the two miscreants disgust him.

“Those pieces of shit fly everywhere on private jets even to tell people to be eco-conscious on one of their useless fucking preaching talks. Their yearly carbon footprint is more than a hundred thousand Americans entire lifetime usage. I hate hypocrites, and these slimy cockroaches are the epitome of waste. S’cuse me, I have to go and cut down a few trees because I need to make a wardrobe.”




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  1. I was in the park yesterday and was walking the dog as usual. I saw two very large dog poos. I said to my niece who was with me. “Watch out! Meghan and Harry are about!” She laughed so much, she is only six.

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