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What Does “Free Palestine” Really Mean?



In an ideal world, it would be nice if everyone irrespective of their race or religion could live together, but we do not live in an ideal world. The trendy phrase “Free Palestine” which is chanted by people who are generally low-information virtue signallers following the latest trend blindly are essentially calling for the genocide of millions of Israeli Jews and to have the state of Israel wiped off the face of the earth. Of course, there will be some on the protest marches who are naturally concerned with the plight of the suffering of the human-shield Palestinian people in Gaza in a humanitarian capacity, but these people do not factor in the true causes of the suffering.

Foremost, overpopulation is a valid reason for the suffering in Gaza, irresponsible breeding where many Palestinian families have over ten children who cannot be supported sufficiently.

Secondly, how can there be peace when the consensus amongst Palestinians and Hamas is the complete destruction of Israel and genocide of millions of Jews without any mercy. Why do the Israelis treat the Palestinians in such a way resembling apartheid in places like Hebron? Well, it is very simple. If a population of people surrounding you vow to have you and your family eradicated and wiped off the face of the earth, how else can you treat these people? How else would you treat a people who constantly fire rockets into your country creating terror and destruction like Hamas have been doing for decades?

The third point pertains to the Iranian influence and grip over the region surrounding Israel. The Iranian Shiite regime has vowed for the complete destruction of Israel and genocide of all Jews in the entire Middle East. Hamas, who have siphoned off billions of foreign aid money to their bank accounts and Hezbollah are all Iranian proxies utilised by the evil Iranian regime to create terror and chaos in the region.

Terrorism in any capacity must never be appeased, as left-leaning, biased media sources like the BBC are doing with Hamas. By chanting for a ‘Free Palestine’ protestors on marches are, either willingly or not, chanting for the genocide of millions of Jews in a land they have fought for 4,000 years.

The people who go on these anti-Israeli marches only see the viewpoint of the Palestinians in Gaza, who have been manipulated and used as human shields by Hamas and Iran. The Iranian clerics do not care one iota for the people in Gaza, and are using them to create outrage in the global media at their suffering. Hamas does not care for the Palestinian people and uses them as cash-cows, cannon fodder and sympathy propaganda on media stations like Al-Jazeera. In reality, the suffering of the Palestinian people is mainly because of their own actions and ideology, which calls for all Jews to be murdered in cold blood and their adoption of Hamas to rule over and exploit them.

The one-sided anti-Israeli marches we see in the West do not for one second acknowledge the atrocities committed by Hamas in the October attacks or the Israeli hostages, or the constant indiscriminate rocket attacks endured by Israelis for decades.

Why are the anti-Israeli marches in the West inhabited mainly by communists, Marxists and socialists? This is because these leftist groups are not only anti-Israeli, antisemitic, but they are anti-West, anti-democracy and anti-capitalist plus it is ‘trendy’ to support Hamas. The Palestinian ’cause’ is thus a great precept to cause chaos, disorder, civil disorder, revolution, all based on oppression-porn and hijacked human suffering.

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